• Get Support from Your Fans to Make More Content

    Make a central hub where your fans and interact, get updated and support you directly!

  • Contribute with Your Community and get Rewards!

    Interact with creators, band with like minded fans and support the content you like the most with great rewards!

Go FANについて

Are you creator?
Start Your Project!
Your project is your campaign for what you are doing, making a online series, drawing, making music etc. on some sort of schedule and details of what fans will get.
Get Support from Fans!
Your most avid fans will support you, for others we suggest providing some if not all content for free to get more fans.
Use your Money!
Have a better quality of life and invest in making better CONTENT.
Are you fan?
Support the artists YOU like.
You can interact and directly support the artists you like the most. You can allow them to make better content so all fans and even the creator benefit.
Creators will have many tools to interact with the fanbase so they know what you like and hear your voice. You can also talk with other fans.
Get Rewards
Creators will make rewards at certain price points that you benefit directly from. A when certain amounts of money milestones rewards are met everyone benefits.
Go FANについて
Content Creators can create a community of users to support them on a monthly basis allowing them to create and grow.
Interact and support your favorite content providers. Help them grow and contribute to make more of the kind of content YOU like.