Connect and Grow with your fans

Connect and Grow with your fans

A quick overview of how to get started!

Turn your passion into a stable lifestyle!

With Monthly support from your biggest FANS, creators can aim to build a support base that will allow you to focus on doing what you love to do the most.



Have a CENTRAL location for your fan activity

Our tools allow you to create a space your fans know where to go for updates, exclusive content, interact with other fans and show their fandom.


Go Fanでは、ファンが最新情報や限定コンテンツを入手したり、他のファンと交流したり、また自分がどれだけファンであるかをアピールするためのスペースを作ることができます。

Always know what your fans want

Using Go Fan allows you to know why people watch your content when they make a purchase with Payment Tags. You can also hold polls and other methods of finding out your Fan pulse.


Go Fanを使うことで、購入者が支払いタグを使って購入する際に、「なぜ購入者があなたのコンテンツを見てくれるのか」がわかります。

Grow your fan base with organized rewards

With individual rewards and macro rewards you can steadily incentivize support from fans. Our tools also allow you to grow your fanbase with fan activity to increase online presence. All your fans really need to do is interact for everyone to benefit.



More support means you can re-invest in yourself

Use your Fan support to empower yourself to create more and better content. Get a new camera for recording, a better space to make your creations, the possibilities are limitless.<br /> Creators Join Now!