Frequently Asked Questions (Fans)

Frequently Asked Questions (Fans)

For creators getting started and learning how the system works the details are here!

What is Go-fan?

Go-fan is a community for fans and creators to support and work together.

How can I share and spread my fan campaign with others?

Use social media sharing on the fan campaign page.

What can I do as a fan for a project or creator I like?

First of all, ENJOY and check out their content! Support the content you love with financial help and sharing on social media to help keep it going. 

What's a project? Can a fan make a project?

All creators make content: video, music, pictures, etc. But they can assign all their creations (content) to particular projects to make it easier for fans to follow them and find what they want. For example, an artist named Cassandra may want to put all their drawings under "Cassandra Art Project" and all her songs under a project named "Cassandra's Music". She could put all her videos under "Cassandra's Youtube Channel".

As a fan, you can become a creator if you want! Then you can make your projects. You can get creative with project names, but try to make them easy for fans to find and understand!

What's a fan campaign?

A fan campaign is different than a creator's project. These are started by individuals for the purpose of collecting funding and sharing with a goal in mind. The goal can be anything the fan and like-minded fans support, including:

- Continuation of canceled tv shows
- Sequels for movies and games
- Funds for musical artists or actors you like

How can I create my own fan campaign?

(Link to Fan Campaign start up here)

What if my fan campaign is successful?

Go-Fan will hold the money safely and help ensure your campaign goal is met. This is to prevent fraud and failed goals seen in campaigns on other websites in the past.

How can I cancel my account?

You can use the CONTACT FORM to request account removal at any time. Since a creator may have an ongoing campaign we want to make sure account removal will not cause any issues (Canceling account without providing rewards etc.).

We will also need to check if there are any outstanding subscriptions to creators and cancel them.

For these reasons we need to review account cancellations for the smoothest transition.
If everything is fine we will assist with account cancellation and removal of user data.