Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

A fandom is a community of fans and creators with a shared interest: it could be music, art, anime, food, videos.. just to name a few! Go-fan is a mega-community for all fandoms to find fellow fans, creators, media, and support. We want you to be part of the discussion in your fandoms. Every fan’s point-of-view is important!

Creators support

Creators need not just financial support but can also improve with constructive criticism and positive reinforcement. 
This is an important goal of ours! 

So when entering a discussion, avoid using insults. You are better than that and a negative environment doesn't benefit anyone. Focus on honesty and positive criticism. This is more likely to bring about change you want.

If you have a disagreement, it’s ok to feel heated. At minimum, try to keep it free of insults. Wait over night before posting if you’re mad, so you can think clearer the next day. 

When you enter a discussion, you’re representing yourself and the groups you belong to. We want to make it easy for you and help you avoid toxicity and flame wars. You deserve to have your comments respected and HEARD, and you should be able to enter constructive discussions while free from attacks.

To help with this goal, just follow these simple guidelines! And we’ll do our best to enforce them.

Prohibited content

We allow a HUGE variety of content, but we have our limits:

  • No hate speech, racism, homophobia, or harassment.
  • No recordings of violence against human beings and animals.
  • No child pornography.
Threats and harassment

Do not threaten, harass, or tell others to hurt themselves or die. You may not mean it literally, but this is a public space and such comments are inappropriate here.

Spam and misleading links

We allow links! But if you’re going to post links, make sure they are relevant to the page you’re on. We encourage you to post links that can help your projects and campaigns. But if you post irrelevant or misleading links we need to remove your posts and possibly take away your ability to comment for a while!


Simple, huh?

Authenticity and copyright

Go-Fan is a place for artists of all kinds to product their content and get it out to supportive fans how they want it. If you are violating other artist’s rights, you break that cycle and we need to remove the material you post. Report copyrighted material right away! Reviews of content are perfectly ok however.

Adult and NSFW content

We allow a variety of mature content, but we need you to ALWAYS label it as NSFW (not safe for work). Even if it is questionable, please mark it as NSFW. Better safe than sorry! Here is a list of things that needed to be labeled NSFW:

  • Pornography or sex related
  • mild nudity (R15+ content)
  • violence (make sure you know what content is prohibited)
  • adult language