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EN: So, as I work on THE HUNTING OF THE TYRANNOSAURS (and I'm so glad to have been able already to share some early chapters with you!), I keep spinning off short story and novella ideas. The guy who runs the "Future Chronicles" anthology series invited me to submit one, so I think I will. It's three-months exclusivity, anthology release in April, and may attract attention from new fans; and I can release the story separately next fall. Which means in 2016, you'll have at least two new fiction pieces to read in the universe of 'The Running of the Tyrannosaurs' (one novel, one short novella).

I actually have a lot of scribbles toward the new story, so this will be a good chance to actually write it out. The ending has me very moved.

I'll share more later; at this early point, all I'm prepared to say is that it is about the same length as 'Running'; the narrator is a young Chinese woman whom you've encountered as a much older woman in 'Running'; and the arena in this story will feature a battle involving a triceratops, a tyrannosaur, and our young gladiator. And I think it may just be an even better story than the first one.


Good news for those of you who are fans of The Running of the Tyrannosaurs: It looks like a lot more is going to happen in this universe!


Very thankful to all of you, my patrons: I couldn't have started this universe at all without your support, encouragement, and funding! (And you have all bought me the time to work on these stories.) We'll take it to great places together, and I look forward to inviting your input along the way.


By the way: Do you have ideas of things YOU would love to see in one of these dinosaur-collosseum stories? Whether it makes it into *this* story or not, I'll definitely consider your ideas for other stories. Let's brainstorm together! Those of you who are incurable dinosaur nerds like myself, what have you always wanted to see in this kind of technicolor, futuristic, yet very saurian story?


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